Friday, July 23, 2010

The View From Here

This photo was taken awhile ago on Lake Superior. Reminds me of what we all need to do - Live Free.

It's been awhile since I've felt like posting anything. Between doctor appointments, remodeling the bathroom and picking blueberries the hours have slipped by.

Sweetie's son left here after a 10 day visit - about 8 days beyond his welcome. I'm still airing out the motor home after cleaning the fridge and vacuuming. He ran out of beer two days before he left and was too lazy to drive to town to buy more. Mooching off the neighbors got him one drink and a surly attitude. By day five I resorted to serving grilled cheese or tuna sandwiches and canned soup for supper. Why waste good food on a man who sits at the table while saying nothing and leaves his body odor behind without so much as a thank you?

Despite doctor's orders Sweetie has worked on the bathroom and told the plumber he could "take care of" a few jobs himself. Naturally, they remain undone.

Instead of blowing a gasket I turned my attention to picking blueberries. Today I picked 6# before my back gave out. If I can tolerate bugs, humidity and backaches I should harvest 50# within the next few weeks. Last year blueberries were still blooming here the first week of October. I think this season will be shorter as I've already found leafless plants.

Mayberry has a post about "Starving the Monkey" which coincides with my general attitude of late. To be blunt: piss on the government, the nitwit neighbors and the navel gazers. My focus is on me and my household. Despite the health challenges we'll tough it out and "getter done." This winter when the north winds blow I'll throw another log on the fire, make a pot of chili or stew and gaze at all the provisions we've stockpiled.

What happens with the Gosslins, the Koreans or Iran, the Red Wings, Wall Street, Ford or General Motors, or the crooks at BP won't distract me from living free of insanity.

Basically, there are too many crooks, sheeple and politicians hell bent on ruining the world for me to battle. Better to starve them of my money, time and attention. If enough of us did that they'd cease to exist but I have no illusions of that happening. Insulating myself and disconnecting from the rat race at least gives me peace.

And now I'm going to bed so I can get up early to watch the sunrise over Lake Superior. Take care folks, Treesong


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful photo! I feel about the same way you do about the world in general. Just give me my kids, a comfy bed to sleep in, and food on the table. Can't wait to see the new bathroom redo;)

Mayberry said...

Tree, it's a good plan. Glad your house is (almost) back to normal. Wow, that's a beautiful place in that picture!

Anonymous said...

Amen. Take advantage of living in heaven up there. Enjoy your surroundings more. You guys are lucky to be where you are . Take it easy and take care. Thanks for the post and keep it up. You can always release some of your pent up frutstrations here and feel better. B.

Sixbears said...

There's that old saying about guests: they are like fish, after three days they go bad.

Love those blueberries. Made a cobbler last night. Waffles and pies in the very near future.

Good luck with the family health issues.

HermitJim said...

Best part about having guest is watching them leave!

Hope everyone is doing generally well...and that the berries hold out for ya!

Sure would like to take a dip in that lake!

Did it MY way said...

Ah...The UP in all it's glory. You do have a piece of heaven. Enjoy it.

That picture makes my fishing rod start to quiver.

There are more of us starving the beast than you think. Keep up the good work.

God bless.

See ya.

vlad said...

A penny saved is a penny earned.
Oatmeal 42 oz $2.49 = 95 cents lb
Feed store cleaned whole oats $9.95 50 lb = 1.25 cents lb
Wash oats in colander. Cook oats whole or grind in blender or Corona corn mill.

SHARON said...

Loved the picture. And, I agree with you. This winter, I too will be throwing another log on the fire and eating homemade soup. Still selling stuff and/or giving it away. Money coming in/stress going out.

vlad said...

Oops. Mea culpa.
Correction to text.
My 651p post should read,
"Oatmeal 42 oz $2.49 = 95 cents lb.
Feed store cleaned whole oats 50 lb $9.95 = 19.9 cents lb."