Monday, November 16, 2009

Pine Trees and Morons

Thank God I spent some time planting Spruce and Red Pine today. With a shovel in my hand and my temper ready to spiral out of control, I needed some distraction.

The dumb ass behind us has once again removed the fence I re-installed two days ago. He - or some of his guests - have been shooting during late evening and before dawn and I've had enough of it.

Sweetie, on the other hand, just sits here and ruminates. He'd prefer to let things be until they're gone, then go out and replace our west - their east - fence line.

He's also been concerned about being well enough to clean the driveway this winter due to his health. he went out and spent every last cent we had in reserve for a 1984 Chevrolet Blazer with a plow. The money was to be used for fencing and posts. While I understand him wanting to plow in an enclosed space - free of the bitter wind and cold - I feel our goal of fencing has slipped away.

Sometimes Sweetie makes decisions without consulting me and this one has me mad. When he first talks about a "situation" like the neighbor, he portrays himself as stern, decisive and sure of his decision. From then on he wavers and says one thing to one person; another thing to someone else; and often something else again to the person involved in the "situation." And usually, I'm clueless as to what he's said until I repeat what he's told me to someone else. Then, he informs me of his new perspective! Talk about feeling betrayed and/or embarrassed!

And a little while ago we had yet another instance of this. Another neighbor stopped us on the road and asked if we were putting a fence up to "block out" the neighbor. Sweetie stood there and said: "Oh, we'll probably just put some big boulders along the line and call it good. The fence posts could be used to expand the garden."


And the neighbor promptly looks at me and says, "I thought you said...."


Shy Wolf said...

Ahh, Tree, I feel for you. Remind Hubby that "good fences good neighbors make"- and perhaps have him remind the nieghbors such.
Now, a row of boulders would be much more difficult to move, not to mention they'd be a lot more cover than a fence post if needed on that side. Also, if you want to hide some extra ammo or... under them... ummm... sorry, don't see a down side to a boulder dividing line.
God bless, TS.

Anonymous said...

many places have what they call adverse possesion. that is a legal way to steal land. if your neighbor changes property line or uses your land for 7 yrs. they will legally acquire it. gl and God bless

Anonymous said...

I have lived by bad neighbors before and it really wears on you. I used to say if there was an asshole within 50 miles I'd find him and be his neighbor. Not fun.

Now we live at the end of a thousand foot driveway that no one uses but us. When we think about moving we remember those neighbors and decide to stay put.

I'm sorry for your current situation Treesong. Hopefully this will pass soon.


Mayberry said...

Still got the backhoe? Fire it up and shovel the neighbor's sh...tuff back over the line. I will add that I think that Blazer is a mighty fine purchase. Living in snow country I figure a 4x4 would be necessary. Plus, Sweetie could make money plowing for other folks. Might just pay for the Blazer and then some... But yes, he shoulda consulted you first. Oh, and I like the boulder idea, see that neighbor try to move those!

2 Tramps said...

So sorry that you are going through so much frustration. Maybe that Blazer can be used to plow the property line. Then you can add boulders or put your fence back up. Too bad you don't have a trail timer camera set up to catch the perp in the act. One of those motion activated sprinklers would sure be fun to watch, too.