Friday, November 6, 2009

Life Goes On

First, thanks to all of you who have commented via my blog or private emails regarding Mita's passing. Though I still grieve, life goes on, as it must until it's my time to leave.

Our other cat, Kitty Kitty, has responded by taking Mita's place on my ottoman. Though she doesn't sit on my lap or wake me in the morning, she senses Mita's loss. I was going to say she senses my need for comfort but more likely we both need comforting.

In other news, the forecast this week is temps in the 50's and sunshine. We welcome more time to take care of outdoor chores. Yesterday I did our monthly shopping while Sweetie and my Dad picked up two more face cord of firewood. They were just beginning to unload it when I returned home and both were tired out. My Dad will be 81 Sunday but does anything to stay active. I'll bet he slept in late today.

Stopped by the surveyor's office yesterday to turn in the contract and payment. Work begins Monday. That ought to be interesting, to say the least, as most property owners on our south line have items well over the line. We asked the surveyor to mark the four lots that are part of this acreage and make a separate survey for that parcel. The total size of this parcel is 182x200 and will be put up for sale. With the shape of the real estate market we don't expect potential buyers to knock down our door. If it sold for the asking price half our mortgage would be paid. With 200' of road frontage and close access to the lake it would be an ideal parcel for someone who wants to build or park a fifth wheeler. Anyway, time will tell.

We have half the bathroom floor replaced down to the joists. ONE joist was 1/2 inch lower than the others so it had to be shimmed with another 2x8. Once we moved the washer/dryer back into the bathroom and turned it on we had a leak!!! What next? A valve had failed but thankfully water now drips onto cement board that's laid over treated plywood subfloor. So today we have a valve to replace and with any luck, water lines that will be moved and "done right" as Sweetie says. As usual, there's no shut off valve on this line either.

Either we can get frustrated over the poor planning and workmanship around here or realize there's no reason to get bored - because there's always something to fix!

Well, time to get busy, Treesong


Did it MY way said...

Getter done. The joys of home owner ship in the north woods.

Look at it this way...It's getting fixed right. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Kinda surprised. Didn't know you were thinking of selling part. The lines should be interesting in the neighborhood. Hope you get a 'good neighbor' in.