Monday, September 7, 2009


Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who read this blog and especially those who take the time to comment. Don't know as I offer much in the way of "how to" stuff but maybe some inspiration or realizations after reading about our everyday life.

For me this blog is a form of therapy. Gives me someone to talk to, sound off too, etc. I would like to ask any of you to submit questions or topics you'd like to read about. I have been so consumed by getting things done before winter sets in that I may have left people feeling I've neglected the blog.

My oldest son spent another six hours here today and we are withing three square feet of installing the final floor tile. He may come by tomorrow after work to do that and the wall behind the wood stove. Sweetie is on the floor now cleaning the grout lines in prep for the grout tomorrow.

Thank God, tomorrow is garbage pick up. I have four bags of litter, three bags from us and three boxes and two large garbage cans of scrap from the construction.

My Dad is planning to come out here tomorrow to "check on progress" and spend the night as he usually does. Think I'll make a banana cream pie and roast with all the fixings. We so enjoy his visits and are still hearing stories of his Coast Guard days - stuff I've never heard! He has a dry wit and we're always laughing with him around. He gives our life so much joy, something we could all use more of.

Well, it's my turn to sweep the kitchen floor. Have a great week, Treesong


Did it MY way said...

I would love a piece of that pie.

Still miss Michigan for the hunting season.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

Dear Treesong,
I read your blog every day. I even go back and read some things. You are a very smart person who really has things in the right view. WOW if most people did what you do then our world would not be so messed up. It's called common sense. Who knew that would be a thing that is slowly going to the past. Keep up your great writing and I will be reading and trying to do some of your things.

Katie Nilsson said...

I enjoy your blog tremendously and feel like you are a friend. You mention quilting in your profile, but I don't remember you mentioning any projects you are working on (although you have been busy with the move lately!)

Yukon Mike said...

You post a lot of good information and I appreciate the peek into you lives. I'm looking forward to the finished wood stove (with pictures I hope) and how well it heats your home and how much wood you use. I learn from these things. Also now that you have the 10 acres how do you plan on using it, like how big a garden, what do you plant, how much it produces and what you can from it.