Thursday, September 3, 2009

Emergencies Anytime, Anywhere

Today I woke up, walked down the hall, let the cat out to the back deck, turned around and fell. Kaboom! Hit my head on the kitchen table, tried to break the fall and gave myself a sprained left hand and really messed up elbow.

One thing I discovered was it doesn't do a lot of good to have lots of medical supplies if BOTH of us don't know where they are! With all the remodeling around here and shifting piles and boxes of stuff from place to place neither of us could find the box that held the sling and finger splints. By the time we did I was livid and so teary eyed I wanted to kill someone. Anyone!

Don't get me wrong. Sweetie is the greatest man alive (next to my Dad) and I love him dearly. But, God, he can try my patience when it comes to LOOKING for something. Added to the pressure was the fact that he was still asleep and does not wake up well when he isn't ready! Tonight we sat here and laughed about it all but at the time it was not pleasant.

And all this over an onion peel! Yes, an onion peel that the cat must have hid someplace and then dragged out to play with. That's the only idea I can come up with. We put all our scraps into a coffee can beneath the kitchen sink and dump it every day or so into our compost pile. I must have dropped a peel on the floor and missed it. Oh well. Another lesson learned. Many actually.

By the time we had me fixed up and our nerves composed two hours had gone by. And then I was getting the shakes because my blood sugar was haywire! Gotta love stress. It seems to come in threes so I was waiting for the next event.

Turned on the faucet to make coffee and we had no water! A few choice words later, Sweetie had discovered the well pump switch was broke. According to him, he's always had a warning of such an, they make a goofy noise a few times before quiting.

We had water stored, of course, but getting to it was another chore. Again, the remodeling is to blame. This helped us realize we should always have a small amount of it within reach at all times.

After breakfast he removed the bad switch, looked through the pole barn for the spares he had and COULD NOT find them. A few choice words again! So off to the hardware store we went - 22 mile round trip. He came out with the switch and I said, "Did you get a spare?" If looks could have killed... A few minutes later he was back with the spare.

I had planned to pick more blueberries today but decided it would be nearly impossible with one hand. So I spent the day dusting (probably my least favorite chore) and reading.

While in the hardware Sweetie also got a pressure control valve and fixed the water pressure. What had been a weak stream is now "normal" and it sure makes a difference.

I thank Tramp and Did It My Way for their comments. I was sitting here earlier thinking I sure sound like a bitch. But, of course, at times I am!

Taping and troweling the cement board in prep for the ceramic tile will have to wait another day. We're both exhausted. Have a great day no matter what comes your way. There is always something to be learned from it!


2 Tramps said...

Oh, my, I think we have the same fellows living with us! They sound like twins sometimes. Tramp 1 doesn't wake up easily either and does a pitiful job of searching for things - drives me nuts. We never seem to know where anything is most of the time - I am always trying to find a better way to store things... And yes, I am the cranky one here and the one that would take a fall like you did. Sure hope that you are feeling much better, physically and mentally!!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for you. An injury can cause a lot of problems and pain, let alone loss of funtion. Hope you get better sooner.

vlad said...

Poor baby. Hope you will be all better soon. I feel your pain.
Oct 2008 I slipped and fell.
Still hurts now and then but it is only pain. Jeff Cooper says if you are over sixty and don't hurt anywhere it is because you are dead.

G.C. said...

Treesong, I read your post and thought you probably would like to strangle me for my comment on your wednesday post."cheer up,it's only going to get worse".
As a young man I fought in judo tournaments all over the midwest. Had great balance. Now i take a spill and can't believe how much faster gravity is. the ground comes up and smacks ya before ya can react. I been sleeping sitting up on the couch for six months now because of a bad spill that messed up my sholder. Can't lay flat in bed.
I can't find anything ethier. My wife can find whatever right now.
Cheer up, it will get better.

treesong said...

Thanks all for your comments. Vlad, I had a good chuckle when I read your comment. I'm not yet 60 but right now I'd swear I'm 80! Oh well, this too shall pass.

Did it MY way said...

I'm in the same boat. Have shit stored in 4 different places, and they are miles apart. Stuff from an 1100 square foot condo, and a 4000 square foot shop. Built a one car garage at my daughters, rented a storage shed, and stored stuff at my son's. Now need to pick and choose what goes in a van which I live out of, what get's sold, what get's given away. And of course storage for all the preps. Life sometimes can be a "Bitch", but still worth living.
Get better soon. Good luck.

See Ya

HermitJim said...

Sorry to see you're having some of "those days", Treesong! I think we all get them from time to time, but that doesn't make them any better when they happen to us!

Like you said, some lessons can be learned from bad things...just not my favorite to be taught a lesson!