Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Progress and a Surprise

Well, I've gotten over my disgust with the neighbors and realized some people will never change; never take responsibility for themselves; and never let go of the almighty booze. And the booze and narrow minded thinking leaves them in a fog that feels comfortable and familiar. So be it.

Here are pictures of the newly tiled kitchen floor and our wood stove installed. You'll note the wall behind it has not been tiled yet, but it's coming. My eldest son is taking a break for health reasons but is taking us and my Dad out to dinner Monday for Sweetie's 66th birthday. I am blessed to have this son. Really blessed. My younger son, who has two children and is the business owner, will try to get out here tomorrow so I can see the grandkids and he can visit and see the changes around here. I hope that happens.

Sweetie had a call from his eldest sister with news that she was sending a cashier's check. Seems his late mother had a CD come due and the other sister (the Bitch) divided it between the three children. So we're grateful she's at least remained honest with regard to his mother's will and grateful that we'll have a little extra to spend. We will not be depositing it in any bank, that's for sure. We've had a running list of supplies that either need replenishing or boosted so much of the money will go there. Then we're doing some vehicle maintenance, paying a couple bills and stashing more cash for more mortgage payments.

It's been Indian Summer here and I'm ready for fall weather. Neither of us thrive in heat and humidity. As usual, there are a few outside projects to complete before the snow flies and more fire wood to buy and stack. We were going to store one year's worth but have decided to bump that up to two years. Never know what the future will bring and if next year it costs more than we're a little ahead.

I did our monthly grocery shopping yesterday and came home thinking about all the "new and improved" products that are nothing but a marketing ploy and a waste of resources. Probiotics seems to be the latest craze and new models of Swiffer mops, dusters and so forth. What the hell is wrong with a dust cloth and a plain old mop? My Dad said he bought a toilet bowl cleaner that you attach something to and when done drop the piece in the trash. I asked him, "When did a toilet bowl brush become obsolete?" We have Walmarts full of crap that people continue to buy yet their bills become delinquent and they show up at a food pantry because they're hungry. It's plain crazy,

Well, enough rant for today. Time to hang clothes on the line. Imagine that! And the ladies at the coffee clutch last week couldn't figure out how we have such a small power bill! Duh!!! Guess the rates here are going up by 34% so they're all in a tither. No mention though of conserving. That would be deprivation. It's an attitude that helped get this country where we are.

Ooops, there I go again. This time I am done. Later, Treesong


Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Making good progress! Love the tile floor. I hope to have some pictures to post soon. I was hoping to get some work done this weekend but I am sick and not feeling up to it.

Yukon Mike said...

The tile floor looks great!
When are you going to test run the wood stove?

treesong said...

Yukon Mike,

We'll fire up the woodstove as soon as the temp drops below 60. Hopefully, the back wall will be done by then. Treesong

Did it MY way said...

Looking good! That wood stove sure brings back good memories. Enjoy. Great progress before the snow flies. Snow in late Oct?

See Ya

SciFiChick said...

Sometimes you just have to wash your hands of the BS. You can't change what doesn't want changing!
The floor looks great.
Happy Birthday to Sweetie! May you have many more!
Cool deal on the extra cash too btw. I suppose the she-devil hated doing the right thing though.

Mayberry said...

Lookin' good Tree! And you can send us your extra heat and humidity down here, I like it hot.

HermitJim said...

The kitchen is indeed looking good, my friend! And I LOVE the stove...

Just have to have one when I get question!