Friday, August 31, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

The rain from Isaac has moved out & humidity is high. The highways are heavy with holiday weekend traffic and yard sale signs have cropped up like I've never seen here.

Meanwhile, here it is raining mishaps and mechanical failures.

Laundry didn't get done yesterday because no matter what, the washing machine would not start. It sits outside on patio slabs. It's covered in heavy plastic so the tub doesn't fill with rain water and bugs. It's hooked to a heavy duty extension cord which plugs into a standard exterior plug. The problem appears to be one of those push button start buttons that I loathe.

It's an old washer. Replacing the part costs about as much as buying another used washer.

Last night I went to the store for yeast because after searching for an hour - yest an hour! - I couldn't find my yeast. Driver side front end made a strange thrushing sound when I turned corners or went over a bump. I never drove above 40mph as that is the speed limit from our house to the store.

George crawled beneath the car and looked under the hood and swore a few times. I forget what the thing is but needless to say it means spending money. Money we don't have.

This morning we woke up to no water. We had both been up during the night and flushed the toilet & run water in the sink. I ran more water for coffee and dishes. After some investigation we discovered our pump is crap.

So here we are on a holiday weekend with no water, a car that shouldn't be driven and a washer that doesn't work.

I hauled my old compact wringer washer out of the storage shed and spent the morning doing laundry by using a hose connected to the neighbor's house. They had borrowed our hose awhile back while working on the empty house & it so happened that they are next door today. That was fortunate because I skipped laundry last week!
Filled buckets and dish pans with water too. Thankfully we have gallons of drinking water stored.

Life is full of challenges but we carry on. Thank God for preps and good neighbors.

Keep smiling folks. Life could be worse.


Sixbears said...

Good thing you have some backups and some preps.

Hope things sort out for you with costing too much.

Mayberry said...

Sounds about like how my week has gone. I'm broke, truck is broke, boat is broke... But I'll get by. Preps is good things!

treesong said...

Thanks for your kind words Craig and Sixbears.

HermitJim said...

At least you had the preps to fall back on and neighbors with water!

Hope everything all comes together in a good way!

2 Tramps said...

Ditto with the others about being prepared. Also very good that Isaac didn't do a bunch of damage for you there - glad you are okay!

Phil said...

I was tempted to say something snarky about having crap stored in the shed;)
Then I immediately wanted to show that to the wife.
That's why I keep that crap!

Good on ya and good luck.