Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yard Sale Success & Sunday Update

$829 at our yard sale today! Work paid off but Sweetie learned (I hope) a tough lesson.

Granted he's ill but he's doubly stubborn. I'd asked him for a week to remove (with my help) anything he wanted to keep out of the pole barn. Two items came inside. He couldn't be bothered with anymore effort.

Today he spent more hours laying down than sitting outside. Tons of men showed up, willingly sorting through heaps of his stuff - aside from all the items on two 12 feet tables and on the lawn.

I asked him about prices for certain items & always got: "Couple bucks or whatever you think it's worth." SEVEN times I went inside, woke him up and asked, "How much do you want for the Yanmar generator, the drill press, the chop saw, the miter saw, the pinto hitch..." and on and on it went.

So he wakes up at 5 p.m., wanders through the pole barn and asks, "Where's my circular saw?" SOLD, I said.

He has his shorts twisted, his fat lip sticking out and a scowl on his face.

Then he has the nerve to bitch cause he can't find all his fishing poles, tackle boxes, best pointed shovel and rake.


He was about to mention his circular saw again and thought better of it.

He's gone to bed for the night at 9p.m. I told him I'd be happy to sleep all day tomorrow and he can run the yard sale.

I don't appreciate doing 90% of the work & then being bitched at.

I sound like it, right?

Now that I've spouted off, I feel better. Thanks! Have a great night. I get to control the remote tonight! Yippee

Tomorrow (Sunday) is here. I asked Sweetie (who controls the remote) if he'd turn on CBS Sunday Morning. He scowls some more and tells me that I have a yard sale today.

One of our cats kept me awake most of the night. I told him he can BEGIN the yard sale for the next few hours. Meanwhile, I hauled two more boxes - one puzzles, one cans of unopened equipment paint - and he began giving me precise order, as usual. Told him it's his sale, he can decide where they go.

We have two friends here & one of them will help him out. The other one's sleeping.

This is an adult game of tit for tat. I bring out two boxes, he tells me: "You were probably going to let them walk off with those orange shrimp baskets too."

Seriously, I'm not that stupid. They're heavy duty and able to hold his stuff but they're also great laundry baskets, etc.

Best he stay outside, I stay inside.


Carri Frederick said...

I love reading your blog. I swear our lives are living parallel!!!

Sixbears said...

That's quite a haul for a yard sale. That's all stuff that won't have to get moved or left behind. Nice.

I know better than to nap while my wife is sorting through yard sale stuff. :)