Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Honestly, I'm Not a Dizzy Blonde

But, from all accounts I've managed to play the part all day.

Woke up, tried to open the closet door thinking it was the bathroom door.

Found the bathroom & sat down on the toilet lid!

Asked Sweetie to pour me a cup of coffee as I dropped into my favorite chair & promptly knocked the coffee cup over when I reached for the phone.

Fortunately, no important papers where soaked.

Went to the library to fax real estate papers & the fax was jammed. When it was fixed, faxed 13 pages & called the realtor. Six pages came through clearly, the rest blurry. She had to change her cartridge. Then called me back to say I'd forgot to sign the;most important page.

Drove to the grocery store instead of the post office to mail the deposit check. Backed out of there & nearly ran an old lady over. Arrived at post office - it was closed for lunch. Came home & spilled another cup of coffee, then decided to vacuum. Finished in time to return to post office. Forgot the check at home.

Back home to get the check; back to post office; filled out the overnight paperwork & asked clerk for my receipt. He said when I paid him he'd give me one.

Picked up chicken and macaroni & cheese at the grocery deli; left the parking lot without hitting anyone found my way to our road. Doing well until I drove past our house. Turned around & parked by the back door thankful I was home.

Came inside, told Sweetie I'm done for the day.

Ate chicken dinner, drank coffee without spilling.

Staring at boxes thinking they ought to be filled. Sweetie says he'll duck tape me to the chair if I do anymore.

Might be interesting!


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Mama said there'd be days like this : ) I have 'em too. Just gotta laugh it off!

Bustednuckles said...

Yer starting to scare me.
Take a day off honey.