Thursday, March 8, 2012

There Goes Another Load!

We've been clearing out the pole barn thanks to buyers with cash in hand. Gone are the bass boat & motor, truck, cement mixer, welder, insulation, sink, tools (not all), Jon boat and a few household items.

Won't be long and we're down to small items that will be priced individually or combined in boxes with the best item on top & priced per box.

Thus far we've paid off three large debts. Can't complain about that.

This is one move I look forward to more all the time because it means ONE trip with no trucks, dollys or trailers.

Warm weather means garage sale time so bring it on Mother Nature!


Sixbears said...

Make sure you save a pair of shorts, T-shirt, large brimmed hat, and some flip flops. Just about everything else can go.

Congratulations on selling so many things and clearing debts. You are on your way and heading in the right directions.

treesong said...

Have most of the non-essential stuff already packed in huge plastic storage containers. We have two orange heavy duty baskets Sweetie used on his shrimp boat (sure you've seen pics of them) & our clothes will be dumped in them; the rest given to local pantry.

It's a wonderful feeling to shuck nearly everything.