Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's That White Stuff?

Yesterday at 8 a.m. it began to snow and continued for most of the day and night. Woke up this morning to 9 degree temp, a drift across our front door and one drift in the driveway where Sweetie insisted on skipping a section of fence so he could look at the farmer's field next door

I guess the white stuff is here to stay.


The furnace runs more often, the air is dryer and the bet is on for the first time we'll have to have the drive plowed.

I say stock up on meds this week. Buy a few treats and let it snow.

When it melts in the spring we'll venture out.

Meanwhile, I like reading Florida newspapers for pictures of beaches, sunshine and boats on rivers and the Gulf.

Dreaming helps pass the long, dark, cold days of winter.


Sixbears said...

My lovely wife and I are planning another sailing trip, so maybe there will be some new photos soon.

Stay focused on your goal.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hunker down. Wear layers. Snuggle under the covers. Eat hardy. Isn't it nice to be snug inside though?

HermitJim said...

I'm glad I live down South far enough not to get snow on a regular basis!

You stay warm and take care of yourself, ya hear?