Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank YOU

I appreciate the care and encouragement each of you have offered the last couple days. My son appears to be doing better now. I know it was a cry for help & I pray that he will find answers and peace to the turmoil inside him.

Today I got my long hair cut. It's been on my mind for months & finally decided to get radical. There are days I'm unable to move my arms much & that made long hair hard to care for plus I was plagued by headaches from piling it up.

I went from butt length reddish/blond hair to wavy collar length auburn hair with strands of gray. Just wash and wear. Don't even have to comb it.

When I walked out to the car Sweetie didn't recognize me. I posted pics on Facebook and the same thing happened.

While at the salon, I told the gal if she did facelifts and body sculpting, I'd pay her anything. We both laughed.

It's been a great pick-me-up and long overdue.

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Anonymous said...

I have been having the same idea about my hair...headaches included.
Someone else in the house though loves it long. Good for you . Sounds like the best thing you have done for yourself in awhile. Glad you like it.