Monday, December 19, 2011

Anyone Else Notice

Today, on Facebook, a "friend" of my youngest son, made a wisecrack about him miss-spelling a word & then called him a F-ing retard.

Being Mama Bear, I got upset. Of course, I sent a private message to the young man telling him my son's is dyslexic, has worked his arse off in his business & gets tired (& sometimes angry) with people's remarks.

The mid-20 man messaged back: "So what. I'm dyslexic too and Idgf (I don't give a F---) what I say. Chill out."

This exchange could easily become tit for tat but why bother? He's probably laughing his arse off. But - I am damn sick of careless remarks; teasing people who have various challenges and downright rude behavior. I doubt this generation knows what "rude" is based on their typical behavior.

Of all the young men, women & teens my son comes into contact with, he sees one constant: swearing, rudeness, impatience and an "I want it now" attitude. He began his business at 17 with $300 he borrowed and has worked an average of 14 hour days ever since, often seven days a week. His skill and drive have given him a business that grows every year - all while he doesn't read or write very well.

Plenty of people have offered to help him improve his reading/writing but he's too busy multi tasking. He also ignores the red lines beneath miss-spelled words. His mind is either computing, planning, organizing, obsessing or stressing. Yep, in addition to the dyslexia, he's obsessive/impulsive. The first trait has him running circles around competitors while the later has required lots of counseling to temper the impulsive tendency.

Despite his best efforts, the long hours coupled with other business & personal demands take their toll & his fuse blows. When it does the people in the immediate vicinity get a dress down - not the ignorant joker.

Call it Mama Bear wisdom from holiday rushes past, I just knew he would blow today. Unfortunately, his kids and girlfriend where the recipients. If the idgf Facebook friend had been present, perhaps he would have understood the ramifications of his remark.


Sixbears said...

People find it easy to be rude and cruel on the faceless Internet. A little empathy would go a long way.

I guess nobody is taught the golden rule these days.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Sixbears took the words out of my mouth... I might be able to write, but I'm not a great speaker. I'm not "quick on my feet", and need time to contemplate. I've had folks razz me, call me stupid, etc... I let it roll off my back usually, but every once in a while I explode. Somehow I get pretty "articulate" then, in a sailor sort of way : )

treesong said...

Craig, my Coast Guard language came from my Dad. I bit my tongue real hard not to rip into that punk. I guess I have times when I just get tired of people...

HermitJim said...

Common courtesy and decency are things not understood by a lot of folks now days!

This type of person is the main reason I have become a hermit type!

Real easy to get tired of people! Believe me, I know!

treesong said...

Hermit, I've become the same way. We don't have family nearby so there's no expectation there. Our friends here are busy with jobs, family, children/grand kid activities, or other obligations so contact is infrequent anyway. And the one elderly housebound friend is visited on the one day a week I go out for appointments, shopping or whatever. Staying home sure cuts the expenses. Less gas and laundry are the two I notice most. It pays to stay home!

Anonymous said...

Amen treesong and all.
From my comfortable cave to all of yours.... Happy Winter Solstice. B.