Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Feast

Sweetie and I will soon delve into our Thanksgiving meal. All of it except the sweet potatoes was cooked yesterday. I like to relax on a holiday, not slave away for hours, then eat in half an hour and wonder why I overdid it.

I've made the calls to family and packaged a few treats for unsuspecting people we've come across in the last year. In the middle of the night I'll drop packages off and hope not to be mistaken for a burglar. To one couple we're giving two frozen New York strip steaks, to another family two boxes of groceries. To an elderly woman we've arranged for someone to take her shopping tomorrow. While she's gone I'm cleaning red pine needles off her mobile home roof.

While many are out shopping the Black Friday deals we'll be doing for ourselves and others. The solid cedar fence must be installed tomorrow before the rain and snow begin Saturday and Sunday.

Monday our book reading group meets at the library and I'm on the list for a snack. That's already been made so I'll concentrate on a batch of cookies for the library patrons. Yes, we have a library that encourages such things but few people participate. Apple cider and coffee will be available in their community room and a huge basket is near the front door for donations to the local food pantry. Anyone with a library fine can choose instead to donate food. Surprisingly, few have elected to do so and have ignored their fines as well. Probably a sign of how rough it's become for people here.

My elderly friend said this morning that most of the 911 calls last night were for my twin communities. Robbery, assault, drunk driving and children left unattended or wandering out of the house while the parents partied.

Things do not appear to be improving and the apathy is rampant but still, in little pockets there are people helping others while keeping their heads on straight.

What would the world do if everyone just said to hell with it and joined the misery?


2 Tramps said...

Sure do agree with you about cooking Thanksgiving the day before. Only thing we are cooking today iS the turkey and it is outside in the drum smoker. We put it on before daylight so it will be done early. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

Anonymous said...

People like you are what the world needs more be thankful for. Too many are out to see how much they can get for themselves and care nothing for others.
Good for you guys.

HermitJim said...

Some folks are so lucky to have someone like you watching out for them!

Blessings on you and yours on this Thanksgiving!

Bustednuckles said...

God bless ya sweetheart.

You amaze me.

Get off the damn roof and get some young buck up there, that's why they make 'em.

Happy holidays to you and the grumpy one, tell him I said Hi.

Rub the cat the wrong way too.

You are one hell of a nice lady.