Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Project Completed

Fourteen 8' wide by 6' high fence panels were installed today on our north ine. We have no protection from the wind and every leaf from a mile around piles into our drive, against the home and at the back door. Not to mention the snowdrifts! Hopefully this will help.

With two breaks it took us about two and a half hours to complete. The picture shows us halfway done.

Instead of doing all the digging for 4x4 fence posts we bought T-posts and screwed lengths of strapping around them. Of course, the nice side of the fence faces north so we view the T-posts, etc. Maybe next year I can do something creative with our side. As always, time will tell.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Nice. And damn, would I love to have that pole barn! I could cause all kinda trouble in a barn like that : )

Sixbears said...

Looking good. You make good time on that fence. I'm surrounded by honking big trees, so they are my wind break.

Craig has a point about that barn. I have barn envy.

HossBoss said...

Looks good and will surely help as a windbreak. You might want to rig some diagonal braces on your t-posts though. The solid board fence sections are quite heavy and if you get strong winds, it could bend your t-posts. This is an example of the brace that's made for this or you could engineer something from wood.
Just a suggestion.

: )

MEB said...

Looks pretty good to me, too!

HermitJim said...

Looks like a pretty nice fencing job to me!

Craig is right about the pole barn!

treesong said...

I mentioned braces to Sweetie and he gave me one of his looks, i.e. don't you think I did enough?

As for the pole barn: the rafter ends go beyond the metal roof & have rotted. The cement floor is heaved in spots and the cement at the left hand door has deteriorated to the point that animals can crawl under the door. Oh well, it's a pole barn, right?

Now if anyone would like to spend some time in Michigan's winter, they are welcome to stay a week in our guest room and sort through all the crates & pails for any treasures. Think Hoarders & you'll have a clue about what you face.

HossBoss said...

I hope Sweetie's right about not needing braces, Treesong. But if the tposts bend under the pressure, be gentle about returning 'the look' he gave you. Having to shovel snow, straighten tposts AND put up braces will be hard enough on him.

As for the buckled floor and rotted rafters on the pole barn, it's still better than nothing, especially in snow country. Good bones can always be rebuilt!

: )

treesong said...

Hoss- With Sweetie's emphazema and his near total quarantine in the winter due to ongoing lung infections & recurring pneumonia it will be me doing the bracing unless I ignore it until spring.

He's a great man but there is little he can do anymore but supervise. He held the posts while I pounded them in the ground. Likewise, I stood the panels up from where they lay on the ground & pulled them into their respective spots every 8 feet. He attached the strapping with his cordless screw gun.

I'm glad we're near the end of our projects because he's not well & I'm wore out.

I did scope out some 4x4's in the pole barn today & if we have a problem perhaps I can lean them at a 45 degree angle against the fence. Our wind comes from the north and west.

Anonymous said...

Good work you Treesong you KNOW you couldn't have got it up there without him. Engineering is everything. har har B.