Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little More Progress

Today we rearranged the shed - which we use as the main entrance as it has one step at the entry and one step up into the main living area. Nothing like organizing a room to clear out clutter, find missing items and give yourself more space.

Sweetie hung a 12' metal rod across one end of the room - in front of the metal shelves I'd previously used for food storage - where it does double duty for indoor clothes drying and coat rack. Instead of stringing a clothesline anywhere I hang clothes, etc. on hangers. Our food storage is stashed in a pantry and closet and buckets fill the end of a hall that leads to the spare bedroom. This room has two entries so I just closed the door and made use of the space.

Yesterday we also tore out the broom closet and the cabinets above the fridge. The Hoosier cabinet and fridge swapped places with the kitchen table and chairs which gave us a smaller kitchen work triangle. In the spring we'll install windows above the kitchen table and re-insulate the exterior wall for about 20 feet. In older mobile homes the insulation tends to slide down the wall defeating its original purpose.

Tomorrow I pick up my elderly friend for her first look at our home's interior. She's asked me to take her to her husband's grave and the grocery too; something I feel honored to do.

I also re-buried my cat, Mita, who died last November 2nd. Guess I must have unconsciously been thinking ahead when I wrapped her in a towel, then placed her in a box and wrapped it in plastic. When I dug her up it was a simple matter of placing that box in another box and wrapping it in plastic. A few people think it's strange that I'd move my cat but she was my most faithful companion for 13 years so I couldn't leave her behind. Call me crazy. I don't care.

Up north, where we used to live, they got 15 inches of snow yesterday. Don't miss it but I know it will soon be here too. Oh well, we'll be warm inside with plenty to eat and the company of Lady and Kitty Kitty and great friends who call nearly every day.

Well, time for bed. My eyes are blurring I've read so long this evening. Take care, Treesong


Mayberry said...

Crazy! Ha ha just kiddin'. I don't know what to do when Gizmo kicks the bucket. Maybe my folks will let us bury her at their place...

Anonymous said...

Nothing like some organization and headway to make a person feel better. Glad you feel up to doing it. Rest when you can. Take care. B.

vlad said...

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Anonymous said...

I do not find it the least bit odd that you would want your cats remains to be close to where you are.
She was a huge part of your life for all those years.
Knowing that she is close by will give comfort & some peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Cool , you have a Hoosier cabinet. B.