Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Store TOO Much Food?


Anyone who believes this lacks imagination, inquiry, resilience, forethought and plain old common sense.

A successful prepper stores food (and other preps) based on three to four principles: rotation, preservation, variety and utilization. Follow these steps and you have a grocery store at your fingertips - without leaving home!

I broach this subject because once again a family member has criticized our prepper lifestyle. She'd portrayed us as anti-social hermits who are so repulsive we should be "rescued" by the local authorities!

I heard this all second hand, of course. Most critics don't have the courage to say anything directly. That would involve honesty and directness. Denigrating another person is always based on being uniformed, confused, jealous and insecure. God forbid that investigating/educating oneself about our lifestyle would be considered.

And then the clincher: After running us down, she complained of no money to rent a few movies, order a pizza and knock off a day of work!

This explains why YESTERDAY, while in a grocery store, four people asked why we were buying more. At the time I thought it strange they even spoke to us. To two people I said, "Can't ignore a great sale," (which it was!). To the others I said, "What are you buying food for?" to which they looked confused.

Another question we've heard is: "What if you die with all those preps?" Surely, someone will take them!

"What if you have a fire?" Some food will survive because it's not all stored in the house. Are they inferring that everyone's house will burn down? If that were the case, they'd have less of everything they currently possess. And none of those items will FEED them!

Prepping is misunderstood because most people in this country have never gone without food. And toilet paper. And toothpaste. And dish soap. If they have, they've turned to relatives, neighbors, social service agencies, or stealing to get what they need.

Prepping permits us to be quarantined with no concern about contracting illness. Yesterday we had hand sanitizer, face masks and our Bug Out Bag well stocked. Our face masks were around our necks, barely visible beneath our collars in case we encountered lots of people. At each stop, we sanitized our hands before entering and after exiting. We touched as few surfaces as possible. We're not one to finger every object we walk by anyway - a habit I noticed in lots of other people when I did our last monthly shopping.

Three schools have closed in this area; doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed; nearly everyone we can think of in this area is ill - except us.

So "crazy" serves us well.


Anonymous said...

Amen, sista'. We are with you ! Better safe than sorry. I can't imagine being without our 'stuff'. Or why other folks live paycheck to paycheck and think THAT is okay.

Did it MY way said...

Keep up the good work. You have plenty of friends in good old blog land who agree with all your efforts. The ant and the grasshopper? Winter is coming.

I'd be happy to live next door to you.

Besides what you do is YOUR business. Tellum to you know what. lol

See Ya

Mayberry said...

No such thing as "too much food". Ugh, it's that sheeple mentality that absolutely drives me nuts... Well scroo 'em I sez, they'll be beggin' at your door some day, and I'll just say "sorry, I'm nuts, remember?"

On that note, I hope y'all got a scatter gun at least, with a good supply of shells....

2 Tramps said...

Having just spent part of last week visiting with various relatives, I know how you feel. I am thought of as being eccentric and a worrier! Family members chuckle about my preps, while I shake my head in disbelief at their ignorance. And like you, I keep buying more when the sales are good. In talking with family members that live elsewhere - they all say they know where to go when things get bad - our house - but they jokingly say I will keep them out at gunpoint - (at least they know me that well!). I just tell them to bring water if they come!

Anonymous said...

I'm the crazy one in my extended family. So crazy that when sis left abusive hubby with the kids & went into hiding I'm the one who gave them 6 months of food to get by on. I've taken to telling people we are morman & they drop it.Surely dont understand people now days, Have a s i l who keeps only the next nights supper on hand for when she does cook & spends 3-4 hours at walmart a couple of times a week.Others have said they will come here if anything happens & I tell them no you wont I'm armed & crazy rubs off.Keep on prepping cause most people arent willing to put the small amount of work into it, & like living as they do which I consider hand to mouth.At least if anything does happen I know there are you a few others like you out there who will still be standing when the dust clears.

HermitJim said...

You go, Girl! Those of us in the know are behind ya 100%...and KNOW that you are doing what you should be doing!

Everyone else will realize it, too, one of these days! Unfortunately, it may be too late for them!

ood going, my friend...!

An Unsheltered Life said...

Oh, trust me, you can't have too much food unless it's one of those situations where you just can't eat it all, or give it away, before it goes bad or something.

Being able to go to the food-storage area to get something to eat is family and I have been having to do it lately - definitely glad that we've been buying "too much" food every chance we get.

Anonymous said...

I too, hava been dipping into my "food pantry" If Obamha comes up with anther "stimulus" it will go for food. MEB

vlad said...

Tell noone about your food.
Those who scoff now will rememeber and come to beg or threaten you for food. There are those who will kill to feed their children. Ask yourself what two things you would refuse to do to feed your starving children.

Pam said...

Case in point. Oldest daughter came home from school for the weekend. Complained that she didn't have enough socks now that weather had turned colder. Instead of heading out to the nearest store to pay whatever price was current, I went down to my basement "store" and gave her two style options that I had purchase when there had been a good sale. My husband and that daughter think I'm a bit nuts with my "store". No, she didn't connect the dots when I gave her the socks. And that's OK, 'cause I am well able to connect them!

vlad said...

I was thinking about your friend who died recently, and my old pal George who died in June.
John Ross is author of Unintended Consequences, one of my favourite books.
Ross is a man of tender sensibilites and of courage.