Thursday, October 1, 2009

Killer Frost, Hunkering Down

I ignored weather reports and my own sense of timing last night and now reap the results. My Dad was spending the night and he talked nearly non stop for hours, telling stories about his Coast Guard days, especially. Most of it things I don't recall hearing. Soooo...I put off tending to the garden.

Truth is, we laughed so much listening to my Dad and will always cherish this special time we had. It was worth frozen green tomatoes and green peppers. Our first garden here hasn't done well anyway and we're not counting on it to survive. But damn, I hated going out there today and not being able to salvage much. Got half a quart of diced green peppers and 20 tomatoes, now sitting on a paper bag near the window.

We had an appointment in town today and took the "new" car for this trip. Handled well and gave her a fill up because gas had dropped another 1o cents since Monday. Good thing I had coaxed Sweetie into bringing some gas cans along. I stayed out of the grocery stores and decided I'd come home and do a complete inventory. It was time to re-arrange things anyway as we've been finishing off the shed/entry. A little more work and you'll never know anything's there.

But inventory meant pulling everything out from every nook and cranny. These old bones are aching from lifting, kneeling and pulling. Though I have most inventory on a print out, I like to check it all for broken seals, etc. Didn't find anything to be concerned about but decided to make more of an effort to use what we have without going to the store. I am still so pissed about these price/size shenanigans.

I have more canned beef, chicken and tuna than I realized so that helps. To hell with filling the frig's freezer. I'll let it run down awhile.

When we lived downstate it wasn't uncommon for us to stay home two to three weeks at a time. Today, we decided to live that way again, only this time it's a minimum of two weeks at a time. And once we leave here we will follow a list and will make the trip count.

I am discouraged by the waste, rudeness and litter anyway. It's a wonderful life to be able to stay home and know that you have what you need to be safe, well fed, protected from the elements and satisfied.

And I think being satisfied with your life is the greatest challenge. Especially in this age of quick fixes, instant gratification and disposable everything. I think most people today would go crazy staying home, no matter how well provisioned they were. Me, I thrive in it. Yes, I like to see people but not for too long and not too frequently. Most just aren't worth the effort.

We boned and sliced a ham today and I've got a ham bone simmering on the wood stove. The navy beans are soaking and tomorrow we'll savor the aroma and taste of bean soup. I think I'll get ambitious and make a loaf of Rieska - a Finnish flat bread. If I do, I'll post some pictures. Later, Suzann


Kymber said...

Treesong - i know what you mean about staying home - since i quit my job 2 years ago, i only leave home when i have to - and i mean absolutely have to!!! sometimes that means staying at home in the house or in my garden (we have a fair-sized and very private yard) up to 3 weeks at a time - and it doesn't bother me any! my hubby has to go to work during the week but we arrange all appointments and whatnot so that he comes home on Friday evening and doesn't go back out the door until Monday morning - we are true homebodies. And we can't wait until we can move full-time to our BOL/retirement place - then neither of us will have to leave home except once a month. We love being at home and i am glad that you do too!

Anonymous said...

I am with you both. Nope, I am not, I am home and will stay here. hee hee. Love your blog. We are a lot alike in how we think and live.
Glad to see we are not alone. I hadn't been to town in about 4 wks , when my mom called and said my brother his wife daughter and she were having dumplin's if we wanted to come in and have supper. The dumplin's are great, but I wanted to see family for a bit and I had worked hard yesterday and went in for a bit and visited. Sometimes , it is good to get out for a bit , esp. if it is family you love and get along with.

2 Tramps said...

Sorry the frost got your garden. I have been covering things and am just about ready to quit! Nothing that great to save but it is the challenge! Sounds like the good times with your Dad were really special - nothing can take the place of those good memories you will have!

I am going to town today - 25 miles each way - country miles - about 45 minutes each way. Will take a big ice chest and a long list. I get nervous just thinking about it. But I have to make myself get out of here otherwise I find it more difficult and assaultive the next time I go. Beyond that, I am very good at staying put - no end to unfinished "I'm a gonna" projects around here - just wish I had more arms and a bit more stamina! When the sun goes down lately, I am ready to quit my tasks...

Did it MY way said...

My MH in the woods gives me everything I need. The peace and quiet, and the animals are all I need.

See Ya