Monday, April 20, 2009

One Bully After Another

I've so much on my mind today, I don't know where to begin. So I'll just spew forth and ya'll can sort it out.

Our so called government does not represent me; not even remotely. It does oppress me, lie to me, swindle me, ignore me (until I break one or more of its various laws) and it damn well disappoints and discourages me. Enough of their bull keeps coming down the hill and I truly will be a "right wing extremist."

And the bastards wonder why people medicate themselves with illegal drugs, cigarettes, booze, porn, credit card debt, over eating, "reality" TV, Hollywood gossip and other such things that pass for "The American Way."

It doesn't matter what the news source, it's ALWAYS more confirmation of Business As Usual. Waterboarding will go unpunished. No surprise there. Bush and his cronies probably have enough dirt stockpiled on the new administration to leverage their way out of any situation.

60 Minutes does a show on wrongly convicted people getting out of prison and not being able to find work. Again, no surprise. And please note, the ass hole prosecution team who withheld information in one woman's case were NOT prosecuted. Despite being exonerated of their crimes, employers wouldn't hire someone with a record. Yet how many Administration, Wall Street and other corporate criminals go on to lucrative careers? Anyone who bothers to buy a book by Karl Rove, Cheney or Bush is rewarding bad behavior - AT THE VERY LEAST.

Here in Michigan, Detroit's former mayor gets a new career in Texas! And our local politicians stay in office despite a few discretion's. And the District Health Department official threatens us with "extensive review" of our property because we had the gall to speak up at a county commissioner meeting.

It all reminds me of a former classmate who just died. He was the bully tyrant on the school bus from kindergarten through 12th grade - with full knowledge of the bus driver. When the bus stopped at the local gas station awaiting the arrival of another bus, this pig roughed up anyone not willing to contribute to his candy bar fund. Well the bastard is dead at 57 of a diabetic coma and I for one am not shedding any tears. The bus driver was of the same cloth: whenever an animal was in the road he aimed for it, even if it meant crossing the center line. He died young too bullying people until his last breath.

The chubby twerp in our neighborhood who speeds through everyone's fields and forests on his 4-wheeler at all hours, is back with a vengeance. This time he's behind the wheel of daddy's race car - unlicensed driver and car - late at night with no muffler. When we complained his father said we have, " a lot of dry timber and brush laying on our land." And, "It would be a shame to see another fire in the neighborhood."

Another? About five acres of our neighbor's field was blackened while we were up north. It burnt within 10 feet of our land! We called our neighbor to ask about it and were told he was alerted to it in the middle of the night by his dog. He had complained about the twerp's driving habits. We got mad as hell and called the Sheriff's Department. Guess who daddy works for?

I'm wondering how dry that guy's timber is.

Like I said long ago, we can't get far enough away from the madness. It's everywhere. And it's one of the first things we asked about at our new place: any asshole neighbors? Here's a hat tip: do not ask this question of the seller. ASK other neighbors.

On a positive note, we found a garage door on Craigslist for $150 in the color we wanted. At our new place we're the largest land owners in the plat. According to six neighbors, boundaries are respected. Still, we're fencing off the south boundary which separates us from all the other owners. The original plat was 100x100 foot lots but nearly all owners bought groups of lots to have more than an two -five acres. Half the homes are seasonal. Surrounding this area are farms of 40-280 acres.

We preferred 11 acres in the middle of no where but couldn't afford it. So we're thankful to be on the edge of the plat with acreage on the north side of us that will never be developed.

Well, I'm done spewing for awhile. Time to do some cleaning around here. No outside work today. It's raining, which we desperately need. Later, Treesong


HermitJim said...

Your completely correct in that the Madness is spreading! Getting worse every day!

The new place sounds like a good deal!

Enigma said...

Yep, it's everywhere ya go these days. Assholes - bullies -pompous overbearing pricks - etc - etc.

I'd just like to hang out with a few nice folks.