Monday, April 20, 2009

I Have Some Monopoly Money

Just talked to some moron from the beloved IRS. I owe back taxes. Think I've mentioned this before. The caller was particularly abusive and couldn't seem to get it through his head that I will pay when I damn well feel like it - which may be never. Not that I couldn't turn up with the cash (under $1,000 now) but we're in the midst of this house thing so every dime counts.

I finally got exasperated and said, "Tell you what, I have an old monopoly game sitting here. How about I send you ALL of the monopoly money?"

The IRS guy did not think that was "a very good choice." Neither is picking on me over $1,000 when certain officials and big shots can not pay hundreds of thousands in taxes - yet they're considered for government jobs.

Hope you caught the interview about 401K's on 60 Minutes last night. Imagine the panic Wall Street would be in if EVERY person holding an 401K account at least tried to cash them in. Remember, companies loved offering 401K's because it was cheaper for them to offer to match or contribute to them then establishing their own pension plans. As usual, people's first mistake was entrusting someone else with their money.

Excuse me a minute.....

Well, it seems that we "had no business" contacting the Sheriff's Department regarding the twerp. An officer just knocked on the door asking that we "simmer down" because the twerp has been "off his medication." So his parents ought to be having him on his meds and NOT allowing him to have access to ATV's and race cars! Dumb asses.

This visit was followed by a call from our realtor here. We have another land contract offer. Some lady with a nephew stationed in Iraq wants to buy the place for $5,000 down, $400 a month at 7% with a 10 year balloon. She told the realtor her nephew makes $2,000 a month in Iraq and she's "got plenty of money to guarantee the note." So buy the place outright lady. And where's he spending $2,000 a month - in Iraq? He's single with no dependents. So our realtor countered for us: $20,000 down, $500 a month, 9% interest, 10 year balloon. You want to propose silly; we'll do likewise.

I am so sick to death of stupidity and bullies and bullshit. I'm thinking of using a permanent marker to write on one of Sweetie's white t-shirts: "I'm an Extremist. Want to Make Something of It?"

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