Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reactions to Our Purchase

If you've hung around my blog for any length of time, you know I have three grown children and five grand children. Plus a huge attachment and concern for my 80-year-old father. They all live within 30 miles of our new place.

Now word has spread to all of them that we're moving north. I thought you'd all be interested in some of their reactions.

Dad: "it will be nice to have someone else to visit." And, "I know you'll be happy there; it looks just like what you two have wanted."

Daughter: "What in the Hell are you going to do way out there?" And, "Who's going to drive out there to see you. Oh, I forgot. You two could care less if you see anyone."

Oldest Son: "I always liked that area." He once rented a cabin one mile past the place we bought. "So, when are you buying a pontoon boat and a grill for that deck?"

Youngest Son: "You think it's nice now but wait 'til winter. And what are you going to do way out there when you get to be grandpa's age?"

And to think last night I was thinking about where we'd stash all of them if the area had a prolonged power outage - especially in the winter when they're all totally depended on electricity to operate their furnaces.

Dad, would be in the spare bedroom as we've already told him it's his room. A few kids could crash on the living room floor. Maybe we should place bunk beds in the spare bedroom but my Dad is tall. I can see him hitting his head every time he gets in or out of bed. Then I thought of a trundle bed. Sounds good to me.

Then Sweetie asked what I was thinking of.

His exact words were: "They think we're nuts so I think the pole barn would have plenty of space. And we have two camp toilets. Sounds good to me."


d.a. said...

"They think we're nuts so I think the pole barn would have plenty of space. And we have two camp toilets. Sounds good to me."

ROFLMAO!!! Yes indeed, that sounds about right :-).

Anonymous said...

AMEN!! Pole barns are heated in the summer and air conditioned in the winter. Works for some people. I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny! My wife and I have been wondering where we'd put all the kids and grandkids. Turns out one of my daughters is figuring they'd have to put us up. They don't think we can make a go of it -after raising them here, even after our income dropped in half. Have they forgotten?

Oh well, at least they are thinking of us.


Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

I get family all the time that tell us that "it would be easier" if we... got rid of the animals, didn't garden, got a "real" job, etc. I just shrug it off. They don't get it.

Stephanie in AR said...

I'll bet Sweetie is a real corker in real life! If he treats his shop the way my dad does it wouldn't be a bad place to stay at all.

Besides a place to stay do you have rules ready if they come? Took one of my brothers in after a set back & he treated it as a vacation - we were the help & he was the paying guest. Finally we set some rules down & boy did he suddenly find his own place. Don't want to see that happen to you & Sweetie.