Saturday, March 12, 2011

Progress On the Art Front

Wednesday we had a brainstorming session for the art group. Great group of dedicated people and fantastic moderator. By end of the thee hour session we had a new name, mission statement and agreement to meet 24 hours later to assign tasks and questions raised the previous day.

Today, at Drop In For Art, our free art class held at the library, three of our members were present so we discussed more ideas.

We've decided to remain non-hierarchical, have no officers or recorded minutes and not organize as a business or non-profit.

Our mission is to bring art to the people to enhance our communities. The five of us have gelled to the point where we open our emails to discover we've all had the same thoughts within a few seconds.

We're going to construct a series of community murals and already have our first location. A call for donations of acrylic exterior paints has gone out. We'll provide the 4x8 foot primed plywood surface and invite community members to help paint the mural. This method has the advantage of making the murals transportable and sitting one on saw horses makes them easy for all ages and abilities to paint on them. One perosn has volunteered his garage wall as mural material.

Two small festivals are held here each year and we're going to be a part of them too.

I've also been invited to attend a joint community meeting aimed at fostering community pride, business and recreational space for the communities.

Seems a few people have decided art may be an idea worth trying.

Two people have decided quiet publicly that my ideas are crazy. They've removed flyers, told people not to listen to the "nutty artist" and made a few crank phone calls. So be it.

I think there's been enough positive response, especially from the children, that their objections will be drowned out.

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Anonymous said...

Well done. Full steam ahead. Wonderful, sound ,future forward ideas. Glad you have found some like-minded souls. Should make the project easier to have someone to share it and more than one someone. YES.
Change is hard for some folks...especially if it wasn't their idea. Maybe you can think of a way to get them involved. Maybe even ask them what their objections are. It never hurts to learn more about your enemy, in any case. Hopefully , you can make them a friend of the arts. A positive, can do attitude is hard to beat. B.