Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Florida has more bugs than I've ever encountered in my life! Thank God for pest control companies, Spectricide, borax, foggers, fly swatters and anything else I can use to kill those pests.

Met my first Palmetto bug last night. Huge! Absolutely huge! Sweetie said he had never seen one so large. He says all the bugs are on the move because a technician applied the termite treatment yesterday.

We spend a lot of time on our still un-screened back porch and are never disappointed at the sights. Today two deer peaked out from a tree, then thought better of proceeding. A while later a cat carrying a rat ran across the yard. Still later, we saw a large snake slither across the yard from the driveway to the east tree line. All I kept thinking was, "keep going in that direction."

Took a few pictures of the the Withlacoochee River today while standing on the bridge over Hwy. 19. Two semis came by while I stood there leaning over the bridge so I framed the river too far to the left and missed the huge sleep anchored on the south side of the river. Another day & I'll try to be steadier.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world!!! HA HA HA!!!
Have lived here like forever and stil cant get used to all the critters and creatures that crawl and slither about!!! Wait till you start hearing the gators in mating!! Cant stand the damned snakes though and I am not brave enough with a shovel and hoe and my husband refuses to kill them "because they do a lot of good" Well not in my damned yard and close to my damned house!! Seriously though welcome to this part of the world and I hope its all you dreamed it would be!! By the way Raid makes a wonderful spray that knocks the freaking wolf spiders into oblivion real quick!! Its scorpion and spider spray. I stay well stocked on it!!

Enjoy!! Florida Mom