Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So You Know Who We Are

I've read several blogs and left comments at a few so now I'll introduce US - though it's just ME who will be blogging!

I'm 55, single, and living with my 65-year-old partner. He's a wonderful, wise man who's a little rough around the edges. Between the two of us we have four adult children and seven grandchildren. We don't live near any of them! Wish that we did but, for now it's either a four hour or 8 hour commute to see any of them.

We live on his SS check which is small - very small. So we know a thing or two about living on less. He likes to say we can squeeze a quarter out of a nickle. Well, maybe a dime out of a nickle...

We live 10 miles out of a small town on 10 acres in an old mobile home. Maybe to some people we'd be considered trailer trash! But, for those of you who need more info, the trailer is a 1971 Marlette, 12x60 foot with a factory built 8x20 foot addition. The addition is part of the living room and contains a wood stove. This mobile home was GIVEN to my man!!! The best kind of gift - FREE!!!! All the windows are wood framed, vinyl clad thermopane - replaced by the previous owner. The home's roof has never leaked and we're snug as a couple bugs in here. Because it's a mobile home, our taxes are lower and the land is listed as agricultureal. We have a large garden, a wood shed and a Christmas tree plantation that should be harvested this fall. A tree farmer planted part of the acreage and he helps pay the taxes every year. When the trees are harvested we get paid a final fee for each tree.

We live UNLIKE most folks. We shop for supplies about once a month; do not use a dryer though we have one, don't have cable or satellite TV, and seldom ever go anywhere. So that means we better get along with one another 'cause we're together most of the time.

This blog will be mostly about our little cost saving measures; an occassional rant regarding our lovely government's use of the taxpayer's money' and whatever else catches my attention at the time. It is, after all, my Blog.

Leave comments if you like but please leave the manure at the door. I don't bother arguing with ignorant people.


hilljack33 said...

Welcome to the blogspace. Always glad to have a new voice. I'll put a link to your site on my blog. Don't let the trolls get ya. Welcome again.

Bustednuckles said...

Pleased to meet ya.
I will Bookmark your site and check in on a regular basis.


MeadowLark said...

And I'm wondering what your internet is... dialup? I hope that doesn't slow you down too much as you visit everyone.

And trailer-trash is a state of mind, not a state of domicile.

Peace to you.

Staying Alive said...

Hey! Welcome aboard the good ship Blogger! You are an interesting couple. I don't give a shit if you are married or not. Lots of people are living together and surviving because they are not married. If it works for you it works for me!

I would kindly ask you to write as much as you can on making do with what you have. The people have pretty much forgotten about those sort of things in their day to day living. So much knowledge is needed to be traansfered to the populace at large. You do not need to be a millionaire to survive. It has to be in your MIND, in your old brain bone. So give 'em hell on doing it on the cheap! The life you save may be someone you don't even know but is in need of help.

Stay alive and help others do the same. You are a storehouse of knowledge.


Patricia said...

Welcome! It's always fun to read and get ideas from like-minded folks. I'm looking forward to your blog.

Shy Wolf said...

Howdy, Treesong, welcome to the world of Blog. As you, I am a 'senior citezen' making do with the limitations of disability pension. So far as where you live- as I tell my friends- "be it ever so humble, there's no place like a paid for home".
Again, welcome- bookmarking you to keep in touch.

Levy Goddess said...

I love it...I will be checking back daily to read of how to make it on very little. We will all be in your boat soon so you have the advantage!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog.
For about 40 years I've vacationed in northern Mich (about 1/2 hour from Traverse)and love the area. I intend to retire 'Up North' but that is a way off. Reading your blog brings me alittle of the northern Michigan feeling that I love so much, but get too little of. Keep it up, its appreciated.

don helphenstine said...

Hello , I read your about us , its amazing my wife and i are in the same situation and doing everything you do , her faverate words are ( FREE IS GOOD )mine to . i am 51 and disbled yes it sucks as they say i was shot down in my prime , we live on my ss which isint that much, we shop once a month , visit thrft stores , we do stockpile food and other things , since my downfall weve learned a whole new way of living , we bought an old farmhouse with three acres , i drive an old suburban and we are very happy , yes it can be hard but we love the homesteading way.I enjoy your blog , thank you , don h.