Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Think I've recovered from prepping for Island Fest. It was great to meet people I only know online. Didn't sell a whole lot but their comments were great and my inventory will be moved to the booth I rent downtown.

We have a nice breeze here today which makes it easier for Sweetie to breathe. He's been a better patient this past week since the doc told him if he didn't want to follow orders there was no point in seeing him. His son may or may not come to visit him because his truck isn't running well and he's broke as usual.

My father and daughter made a trip downstate to visit a few people but not us. So be it.

Our friends in Flint who visited earlier this month want to return at the end of July during the local Fair. Seeing as both she and I are the caretakers of our men, we're hoping they're both well enough for a visit.

Today, we pick up paperwork for Sweetie's appointment with the cardiologist. Not only does his heart rate skyrocket when he exerts any energy, it spirals downward when he struggles to breathe while wearing oxygen.

Well, time to scoot. Plenty more I could rattle on about but an out of breath man needs my attention as does the crippled dog.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're Still Here

Just busy with the regular round of doctor appointments, running errands and working on the siding.

Have a booth at a festival this weekend & have no idea what to expect. The space was free and it will give me a little exposure but I haven't set my sights on making lots of money.

I may have Sweetie convinced to come out of hibernation and take the golf cart to the event so he can putz around; look at the river and maybe recognize a few people.

Tomorrow we'll finish the south side of our exterior renovation. It's been a long process but together we've got it done. Three more sides to go...

High winds and rain here today and tomorrow followed by cooler temps. We welcome a break from the stifling humidity. It's hell on Sweetie's breathing, even with oxygen. the pepper plants have little baby peppers and the tomato plants are about a week behind. I have 12 basil plants to separate and two Russian sage plants to transplant. That's the extent of this year's gardening.

We've lived so long on our preps that we've developed deep holes which need to be replenished soon. When I get the energy.

Will post pictures this weekend. Take care, Treesong

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Replenishing Mind, Body & Soul

Sometimes we get so wound up in issues, dramas, diversions, work loads, illnesses, or just plain senseless chatter that we eventually burn out.

I've come close these last couple weeks. Between caring for my elderly friend's needs; a constant round of doctor appointments; organizing the art exhibit; a couple meetings every week and the daily chores of maintaining a home I sat here the other night and realized: I need a break.

Tomorrow is ME time. Yes, I have to pick up some things for my friend. Yes, I have to make a stop at the hardware store, the grocery, the pharmacy and the bank. but I will also savor a lunch with a friend; visit an art gallery and resale shop and take a walk in a park - rain or not. I already have the binoculars, rain gear and umbrella in the car.

Keeping oneself balanced is a daily challenge. And, when you neglect it for too long, there is a price to pay.

A hot cup of herbal tea; a foot soak & pedicure and an afternoon nap on a rainy day helped. but a few hours outside soaking in fresh air and sunshine after a leisurely lunch and artistic entertainment are the best medicine.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Have nearly completed arranging out second art exhibit & a few new artists have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Here is a sampling.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some People's Actions - or Lack Thereof - Are Outright Neglect

My elderly friend got saddled with two wild grandkids again today - ages 6 and 9. Expletives, wrecklesness and outright defiance come out of their mouths faster than and auctioneer's babble.

I called her this afternoon to check on her - as I do every day - sometimes 3-4 times a day. The sound of her voice told me she was in trouble.

Neighborhood brats had been banking on her mobile home, sending her dog into a frenzy while she struggled to breathe in the 96 degree heat. Three grandkids and one granddaughter's boyfriend had all promised to stop by and install a used air conditioner in her living room window. No one showed.

I loaded our spare air conditioner and tools in the car & off we went. It was 99 degrees inside her home! The hoodlums disapeared down the street & we got installation job done while she cried and ranted about her family's navel gazing.

After a cool drink I hooked her hose up and sprayed her rooftop. The heat was so intense today the air looked like a desert haze.

Other than hanging the new art exhibit and driving to our friend's home, we stayed inside eating watermelon and drinking lots of liquids. For weeks we've had flooding and electrical storms. Now the heat and humidity is killing people. Awhile ago police were searching for an elderly man in the woods to the north of us. He'd "gone off the deep end," grabbed his shotgun and left his cool home for the humidity and mosquitoes of tangled underbrush and rough terrain. Not likely to be a good outcome.

Half an hour ago I called my elderly friend. The monster grandkids are gone; her living room has three broken knicknacks; her dog is cowering beneath her bed and she's told their step dad not to bring them to her house tomorrow. He was told the same thing last night but chose to ignore her request and dropped the kids at the curb today.

Personnally, I would have locked my doors and called Protective Services. We offered to pick her up tomorrow so she could spend the afternoon here. She'll "think about it."

The situation really pisses me off. The woman has bend butt over backwards for her entire family for years but in her elderly years they can't be bothered with her needs.

Enough of a rant. I say anymore I'll be bitching out loud as I type.

Thank God we're still of sound mind and somewhat sound bodies. The least we can do is help her.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Oxygenated Life

Today Sweetie qualified for oxygen part time. The medical supply people should arrive tomorrow once they receive the order from his doctor.

He's been instructed to walk/exercise while on oxygen because it increases his stamina which decreases his need for oxygen.

I'm hoping he follows this advice because his current quality of life sucks, to put it bluntly. I've become the full time caretaker the last couple days: helping him dress/undress, putting his sock/shoes on so he doesn't have to bend over; driving, lifting, carrying, and taking all phone calls because he's out of breath after a few words.

We have friends staying with us this weekend from Flint - the hell hole they hope to move out of soon. Both are on disability and, like me, she's the caretaker of her husband who has all the same ailments as Sweetie. Ought to be interesting as we tour the area, attend a classic car show, picnic and sit and gab while the guys get to know one another. She and I haven't seen one another in about 10 years so we have lots of catching up to do.

The peonies are in bloom along our south side and I've yet to plant the sage and basil plants a new friend gave me. Maybe my visiting girlfriend will enjoy getting her hands dirty this weekend. In her old neighborhood 10 years ago, she was known for her green thumb, having turned a gravel strewn lot into a lucious jungle of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Well, time to take Lady outside. Enjoy your weekend, Treesong